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Used Car Parts in Western New York

At Nuwer Auto Parts, we offer an extensive range of used car parts to businesses and residents in and around Western NY and Rochester. We have the ultimate selection in the area, from windows and doors to transmissions and engines, thanks to our large 40-acre location and comprehensive variety of cars.

You have to see the inventory that we have to believe it. Despite the size, we can quickly determine if we have the parts that you need in stock. This is all thanks to our computerized system, which houses enables us to quickly search our inventory.
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Used Auto Parts
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Quality Auto Parts and Used Cars

At Nuwer Auto Parts, we have re-builders as well as used vehicles for sale, call us or search our huge inventory!

Whether you need a car part for a domestic car, such as an Oldsmobile or Ford, or for a foreign car, such as a BMW or Honda, it's likely that we have what you need. We have used truck parts for your larger vehicle as well.

Pick-up and Delivery Service to local businesses as well as Nationwide Shipping!

Even if we don't have the part at our Holland location, we can order it for you through our large list of suppliers.

Call us to find the used vehicle parts that you need at 716-537-2800.